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                 Pictus Stud is going through major changes, we are in the process of splitting three ways. 1) Pictus Stud will be standing the stunning dun Connemara Dunguaire Fionn McCool, for more info he has his own page , please click on the following link    https://www.facebook.com/cheshire.aicentre?fref=ts  2) Blackthorn Farm Livery-our brand new purpose built developing premises- where we will be taking Business,Full or Competition livery, please click on the following link for more info   https://www.facebook.com/Pictus-Sport-Horses-at-Blackthorn-Farm-Livery-1711682285721724/?fref=ts  3) Elaas Eventing, a very exciting future ahead of rider Ben Paterson and full time trainer Lou Paterson taking on your horse, producing and competing it in British Eventing, any level. please enquire by following this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/227107257629184/ 




                             We would love you to make friends on facebook and interact with us ,although  we do try and update every day on this page, facebook is sometimes faster to get immediate updates. We can also be contacted through the facebook inbox, or even live chat .....Please click the link below and make friends.


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                                                                                    22nd NOVEMBER 2015

We have now moved to our brand new purpose built premises in Mobberley. We actually moved in June, but we have had plenty to do to keep us occupied.    We currently have fantastic vacancies for all types of livery. starting at D.I.Y. to a business livery and up to a  fantastic opportunity to join us with a competition Livery.

                                                                                                 May 16th




GB is by Faust out of Sevenfourseven (Jumbo) he is such a chilled character, and with his fabulous minimal spotty bum,he is proving to be a firm favourite with us.


                                                                                  May 13th


 Very sad day today as our beautiful little Jim, born a week ago suffered a tragic accident. He was a beautiful soul, who warmed our hearts for the very short time we were lucky to know him. Jim broke his tibia whilst being free and cantering about in his field, it was an unfortunate accident, one which we hope to never see again. Mum is doing well considering and we are caring for her as  best we can.  


                                                                                       May 9th



 Pictus Lightning Bolt (named after Usain Bolt)

This beautiful filly was born at midday today, she is 2 hours old and she cant resist having a little canter round to show us all she has arrived. This is the first foal of twenty twelve by Faust, and she is adorable. She will undoubtably spot out over time.


                                                                        May 7th



Pictus Torchbearer.

Austine is extremely pretty, and has a little dish face with twinkly eyes. She is going to make someone a fabulous allrounder/eventer has her jumping genes are second to none, however with those looks,  she will be a success in the show ring. Dam Talebolyian Anna, Sire Tresaison Snow Wolf. Austine and her full brother yearling who is still a colt until the 21st May !are both for sale.


                                                                                 May 5th



Pictus Gymnast. Sadly deceased 05/05/2012 _ 13/05/2012

Jim is a very proud little lad, with lots of presence and grace. Sure to be a fabulous event proposition with his Ben Faerie lines. He is a pleasure to watch cantering around with his dam Welton Capriole (graded sports horse) sire Tresaison Snow Wolf. 


                                                                                 9th November

 We have decided to breed with the fantastic Irish Draughts , so Borderfame  Carmen full I.D. was brought into the stud earlier this year, she was immediatly put in foal to the amazing MILL LAW , and we are hoping to have a colt , so we can keep it entire and have our own "Jumbo" That would be the icing on the cake for us.

                                                                            15th June


 Welton Capriole scanned in foal to Tresaison Snow Wolf (resident stallion)

Talybolion Anna scanned in foal to Tresaison Snow Wolf.

Hillviewfarm Caprice scanned in foal to Faust af Elmelygard (resident stallion) For sale.

Stanhopes Mulina scanned in foal to Tresaison Snow Wolf.


                                                                                     26th April


PICTUS Scarlet Pimpernel (Pimms) A chestnut blanket colt.

A section D cross Spooky. WOW.

For Sale


                                                                           25th april    





Harmsworth High Society foaled a gorgeous bay blanket filly. Pictus Lavender (she will be retained)

                                                                               6th May



Pictus Blackthorn.

A beautiful colt by Faust af Elmelygard out of Sevenfourseven. Bug will be retained and hopefully be our new breeding stallion in a few years. 

                                                                                 May 25th





               Pictus Tinkerbell A beautiful filly section D, out of Pictus Bluebell by Reifals Calon Lan,

                                                                     2nd March


Pictus Spindle Berry

Arab x Spotted horse. 

Ida is for sale and was intended with endurance in mind, however her temperament is second to none and she will make an exceptional allrounder family pony/horse.       Sold                                


                                                                   23rd January 2011


                                                                      May 31st




 Stonedge El Supremo qualified today for the M and M working hunter exceeding 138cms and went champion


                                                                                21st April

 DUNGUAIRE FIONN McCOOL   Dun Connemara now licenced

Our Gwennic DeGoiriva colt had his inspection today. He passed his vetting and is now a fully licenced connemara. He will be ready for stud duties in May. As he has no youngstock on the ground as yet, his stud fee will be greatly reduced. He is DUN and WILL NOTpass on the grey gene as he comes from bay and dun parents, this means you could have a dun , palomino, bay etc






                                                                    May 24th 2010

  BWCLE NIA, foaled down a flashy filly PICTUS PAHOEHOE ...HoHo  For Sale.

                                                                                      May 5th 2010



  A new edition to the stud is a lovely pink papered Trakehner HARMSWORTH HIGH SOCIETY She will be put to FAUST




                                           May 1st 2011

 We are now set up as a fully Defra approved A.I. centre, which is very exciting. If you wish to have a stallion collected from , we offer a drop in collection service . Also a full insemination service from  any stallion, plus more......For enquiries tel 07909751459   email  pictusstudai@aol.com                               


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     May 1st 2009

 We are very proud to announce FAUST AF ELMELYGARD will be standing at stud for 2009 and possibly 2010 at Pictus Stud



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